TCP Ltd believes in focusing on developing technology and working with companies that develop relevant “tech” for the parking industry. We involve ourselves with economic diversification, and managing long-term solutions that deliver strong benefits to the company’s future and the industry as a whole.

We feel that our approach is different to that of other car park operators. We recognize that real change takes a concerted effort in time and forward planning. This patient approach ensures that our self-investment is strategic rather than opportunistic. We hope to deliver practical solutions in our industry and superior returns in our own and our client’s portfolios.




Our payments system is advanced in every way. We can handle all the latest charging notice uploads and the interaction of customer and members of the public.

Phone payments, online payments, and "traditional" payment methods are now able to interact seamlessly for the best customer journey.


We have a range of expertise when it comes to parking equipment, and we have established a long-lasting relationship with the market leader in parking equipment supply. We have the facilities and the flexibility to offer financing or investment if a project requires it.

Our first priority is to make our client's project a success with the right choice of equipment to save money in the short and long term.


We have the facility to make your site compliant with all new laws and legislations and we pride ourelves on being at the cutting edge of this exciting new service.


Automated Number Plate Recognition is both vital and required in certain high areas for management and parking. It gives peace of mind to those who wish their cars to be automatically monitored on entrance and exit.  We offer fully integrated solutions for ANPR and can apply them on a case-by-case basis. 

Systems can provide a variety of solutions such as Technology for Stay Time and Measurement Systems, Payment and Penalty Charge Enforcement, Site User Charging, Parking Systems, Traffic Monitoring and Automated Site Security.

ANPR can also improve remote monitoring and statistical analysis in complex sites.