This is an easy, and one of the most effective ways to work with Total Car Parks Ltd. We have the expertise to minimise (or on many occasions, totally stop) illegal parking in our clients parking spaces.

Clamping law on private land has changed but still the industry suffers bad press for having encouraged clamping in the past. A modern business needs to be efficient and to avoid bad publicity. We have a number of solutions for situations where land or parking spaces are being abused. These solutions and self enforcement methods utilise fixed or patrolling services.  

We operate our car parks and our clients’ car parks using a soft approach technique with a fair appeal system. We are an APPROVED PARKING OPERATOR and a member of the BRITISH PARKING ASSOCIATION which means we must comply with the parking industry code of practise.

To join Total Car Parks' fully automated system just give us a call and we will happily visit you to show how simple our system is and how it can be worked by operating a smart phone.       

TCP Ltd can even ease the burden of processing tickets to discourage illegal parking and repeat offenders on your behalf.