Car Park Closures



Like everyone else, we at Total Car Parks were shocked and saddened to hear of the appalling events at Manchester Arena on Monday.  In the aftermath during the ensuing chaos and with limited information or police guidance, our car park staff at the Boddingtons Great Ducie Street continued to follow well-established procedures in allowing customers to exit.  With a barrier system in place anything other than this would have caused further pandemonium on the roads surrounding the car park and the arena.

 All staff are now fully apprised of the situation and are working hard to minimise disruption to customers while offering their support.  Total Car Parks has increased staff on site and has been working closely with the police as their operation has proceeded, providing as much free of charge parking as they require for themselves or others affected more directly.  We will continue to cooperate as fully as possible at what is a very hard time for everyone involved.  We offer our thoughts and prayers to all the victims and their families.


Please note that @ 18:30 on 26.05.17, following Monday's tragic events in Manchester, Mirabel Street remains closed.  

Dutton Street and Park Place are now open.  
Boddingtons Great Ducie Street is open.

For details on current road closures and journey planning please visit Manchester City Council's transport page

We will keep you posted on any developments.